The rumble of cannons interrupted EPN’s reporter’s visit to the badly destroyed center of Kupiansk: “Now it’s close”

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The Russians have also committed atrocities in Kupianski, local residents told reporter Antti Kuronen.

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Heavy artillery fire thundered in the town of Kupianski, when ‘s reporter Antti Kuronen visited the city the other day Tuesday.

According to Kuronen, the front line ran about ten kilometers from the city center. The Ukrainians recaptured Kupiansk in their swift counterattack just over a week ago.

Kupiansk is strategically important, as it is a railway junction. It is important for the Ukrainian troops that they have also been able to cross the Oskil river that flows through Kupiansk.

According to Kuronen, the sounds of the battles told that Ukraine is trying to push further east and take back its land. The Russians sought to prevent this by utilizing their strong artillery.

– They come in [Ukrainan joukkoihin suunnatut] the grenades are from Russian artillery, and the series of bangs heard in the video after that must be from the Ukrainian Grad rocket launcher, Kuronen explains the sounds in the video.

People fled the war

According to Kuronen, Kupiansk is quite empty of people. Before the war, the city had just under 30,000 inhabitants.

The center of Kupianski is badly destroyed and the conditions are very difficult. The people who stayed in the city have mostly stayed in basements.

The bridge to the east of the city is damaged and can only be crossed on foot. Civilians keep coming across the bridge as they flee the nearby fighting. According to Kuronen, many of them are trying to get to nearby Harkova.

No mass graves have been found in Kupianski, at least so far, but according to the information Kuronen has received, the Russians have committed atrocities in Kupianski as well.

– The local residents showed me the Kupianski police station. The Russians arrested pro-Ukraine residents and took them there to be tortured, he says.

The Ukrainian offensive continues

Kuronen has moved in several places behind the war front. He says that he saw a lot of Ukrainian troops and military equipment on the way to the front.

– Ukraine’s counterattack seems to continue. Their goal in this direction is the city of Svatove, says Kuronen.

Svatove is located about 40 kilometers from Kupiansk. It is also an important traffic center. Svatove is located in the Luhansk region, which Russia wants to annex.

According to Kuronen, another important target for the Ukrainian army is the town of Lyman located further south.

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