The rookie star is already showing action video from the season finale – fans are totally upset because of the cliffhanger

The rookie star is already showing action video from the

The Rookie started its 6th season at the end of February and has so far delighted fans with four fresh episodes of the police series about LAPD Officer John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) and his colleagues. While the latest episode titled “The Vow” With the streaming subscription starting tomorrow, April 3, 2024 on WOW, we can already look forward to the season finale of the 6th season.

Because Eric Winter announced a few days ago Video from the last day of filming of the new The Rookie season, which promises us an action-packed episode with an exciting cliffhanger.

Exciting stunt: Eric Winter falls out of a truck in new video for The Rookie Season 6

In the video, Eric Winter as Tim Bradford stands in the back of a pickup truck and receives instructions from the show’s stunt coordinator before taking on the truck’s masked and armed driver – and falling out of the vehicle in the process:

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The actor said he couldn’t wait to see the final result on TV screens:

Some cool behind-the-scenes shots from our last day of filming. Here I am working with our stunt coordinator for this big fight scene on the Disney Infinity stage! This will look great in the final cut. What a way, to complete the 6th season. Get ready for a brand new episode next week!What happens to Bradford in The Rookie Season 6? Fans are going crazy over the cliffhanger

In the comments of the video, fans shared their enthusiasm, but also their displeasure about the action-packed season finale – because how the fight ends for Tim Bradford is not shown in the video. As one Instagram user wrote:

Oh my god, this is SO COOL?!!?!! WHAT HAPPENS 😭😭 VERY exciting.

Another user immediately worried about what the scene could mean for Bradford’s relationship with Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil):

The final is going to be crazy 🔥 Bradford better make it home to Chen!!

For better or worse, we will only find out what actually happens to Tim Bradford in the scene when the season finale flickers across our home screens.

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