The Rookie fans have been waiting for this for years and now this: Maker explains much-criticized Chenford decision in season 6

The Rookie fans have been waiting for this for years

Tim (Eric Carter) and Lucy (Melissa O’Neil) are one of the main reasons why many fans of The Rookie look forward to new episodes week after week. For years, we wished that the two colleagues would finally find each other before they got together in season 5.

Danger, Spoilers for season 6 from The Rookie: Their happiness was not to last long. Season 6 dramatically tore Chenford apart again – a decision that was heavily criticized by many The Rookie fans. Now there are explanatory words from series creator Alexi Hawley.

“Wanting is the most romantic thing”: The Rookie maker explains Chenford separation

In an interview with TV Insider, Alexi Hawley explained what the decision about Tim and Lucy is all about ‒ and also what Season 7 is planned for the dream couple:

We have to find the adventure. We have to walk the path of what it looks like when they find their way back into a relationship both short term and long term, and that is not necessarily the same? The audience wants that Will-they-won’t-they-tensionwe know that from the history of television. Wanting is the most romantic thing. How do we get back to a point where we can have that?


Melissa O’Neil and Eric Carter are The Rookie fan favorites

By the will-they-won’t-they trope, Hawley means the narrative device that often leaves fans wondering for years whether two characters will end up together or not. Very prominent examples are Ross and Rachel in Friends or Mulder and Skully in The X-Files.

This is what Hawley says about The Rookie Season 7: In the cop series, the aim is still to surprise the audience with unexpected twists and turns and to take risks:

We’ve gone pretty far and I love that we keep challenging ourselves and we’re doing it better, but at the same time we’re aiming even more at how much everyone loves these characters? I feel very lucky that we can have fun every week, even when we’re doing things that are high-pitched or tragic, and because we cover everything tonally, we can give you an episode every week that that drives you to the edge of your seat.

With the tonal coverage, Hawley aims to ensure that the series has plenty of comedy elements and laughs as well as tragic and highly exciting moments. Nathan Fillion also knows that this is The Rookies recipe for success.

When is The Rookie season 7 coming?

The US broadcaster ABC has already confirmed the 7th season of The Rookie. Since the 6th season started about half a year later than usual, the start of the new season has also been postponed.

According to this, The Rookie will only return 2025 is back with new episodes on ABC. You can currently watch all 6 seasons of the hit series on WOW with a streaming subscription.