the RN credited with 30% of voting intentions according to a latest survey

the RN credited with 30 of voting intentions according to

Jordan Bardella’s National Rally list continues to widen the gap with the presidential party for the next European elections. According to a latest Elabe poll, the far-right party would obtain 30% of the vote against 16.5% for Renaissance.

The National Rally continues to be in the lead. Two months before the vote for the next European elections which will be held on June 9, the National Rally (RN) list led by Jordan Bardella continues to be well ahead, according to a latest Elabe poll for BFMTV and La Tribune Sunday dated Saturday April 6. According to the latest estimates of voting intention, the RN would obtain 30% of the vote, compared to 29.5% on March 7. He thus widens the gap with the list of the presidential majority led by MEP Valérie Hayer, credited with 16.5% of the votes (-0.5% compared to March).

Raphaël Glucksmann’s list is progressing

If the RN and Renaissance lists are almost equal among those over 65 (24% voting intentions for the Renaissance list, compared to 23% for the RN list), young people, for their part, do not seem to favor Valérie Hayer’s list. Thus, she would only collect 9% of the votes, far behind Jordan Bardella who would obtain 29%.

On the left, the list of the Socialist Party and Place publique led by Raphaël Glucksmann continues to lead the race. The essayist has even recorded the strongest increase in voting intentions in recent weeks, credited with 12%, compared to 8.5% in March. In particular, he won a significant number of votes from Emmanuel Macron’s electorate (11%, or +7 points compared to March). Behind him, Marie Toussaint, the head of the list of the Ecologists, whose campaign is struggling to take off, is credited with 8.5% of the French voting intentions. Manon Aubry, for her part, would obtain 7.5% of the votes according to this latest poll. François-Xavier Bellamy for Les Républicains and Marion Maréchal for Reconquête! are for their part respectively credited with 7% and 5.5% of intentions, far from the top three. Finally, the PCF, PRG or the Animalist Party would only obtain 2.5% or less of the voting intentions expressed.