the revenge of eurocroissance funds – L’Express

the revenge of eurocroissance funds – LExpress

After years of slow progress, growth or Eurogrowth funds will perhaps finally take off. These products created in 2014 as the third pillar of life insurance have never found their way. The idea is to offer a guarantee, total or partial, when the product expires, i.e. after eight to thirty years, in exchange for higher remuneration. But the initial structuring was too complex and the low interest rate environment was not conducive to their performance.

The 2019 Pacte law and then monetary policy corrected these defects. France Assureurs notes that, at the end of March, Eurocroissance supports totaled 9.3 billion euros, a drop in the bucket compared to the 1,945 billion for life insurance but a figure up significantly, by 27% over one year. . “The Eurocroissance fund is still relatively unknown to the general public even though it can meet the expectations of investors wishing to limit their risk-taking, while having an expected return higher than that of treasury products,” underlines Yves Gambart of Lignières, wealth management advisor.

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The offer still remains modest, around a handful of products, including the Generali funds, Générations Croiss@nce Durable and G Croissance 2020. They offer a guarantee of 80% of the capital at maturity, between eight and thirty years at the option of the saver. Their 2023 performance amounted to 3.66% and 3.67% respectively. Axa, for its part, has chosen a more secure product, with a 100% guarantee after ten years. It served 3.30% in 2023.