the restart of Three Mile Island and the return of the atom to the United States – L’Express

the restart of Three Mile Island and the return of

In this episode, Sébastien Julian, deputy editor-in-chief of the climate service at L’Express, tells us the story of the Three Mile Island power plant, site of the first major civil nuclear incident in 1979, which will soon return to service.

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The team: Charlotte Baris (presentation and writing), Jules Krot (editing and direction)

Credits: INA, BFM Normandy, WITF

Music and dressing: Emmanuel Herschon/Studio Torrent

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Charlotte Baris: 12 years late, the Flamanville EPR will finally be able to start this summer. And this nuclear reactor should be the first in a long series. At the start of 2022, Emmanuel Macron has already ordered 6 EPRs from EDF, and the President of the Republic would like to add 8.

While the share of nuclear power in France was destined to decrease and despite strong opposition, the sector is today experiencing renewed interest. And we are not the only ones to bet again on the atom. Even the United States, which until now had mainly invested in natural gas, is now turning to nuclear power. To the point of restarting a power plant known to be the site of the first major civil accident.

Three Mile Island is the illustration of a new path for nuclear power, and that’s what we tell you in this episode.

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