The remarkable ‘salary hike’ news about the US technology giant! The ‘artificial intelligence’ detail in the e-mail in question…

The remarkable salary hike news about the US technology giant

According to Insider’s report, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella sent an e-mail to company employees regarding the issue.


In the email in question, Nadella stated that the company is helping to lead a major platform change in the new age of artificial intelligence, and they do so in a dynamic and competitive environment while facing global macroeconomic uncertainties.

Recalling last year’s increases in wages based on market conditions and company performance, Nadella noted that economic conditions this year are very different on many dimensions, including customer demand, the labor market and the investments needed for the next innovation cycle.

Nadella said there will be a salary increase for hourly workers this year, but not for full-time workers.

Pointing out that the bonuses will continue to be given, Nadella emphasized that they believe the decision in question is necessary to prepare the company for long-term success. (AA)