The record reached – 48 shot dead this year

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A man who was shot during Thursday evening in Kristianstad has died.

– The man is in his 20s and has died as a result of the injuries he received, says Mikael Lind, officer on duty at the police in the southern region, to DN.

According to police statistics, this means that 48 people have so far been killed in a shooting during 2022 and that Sweden has already reached a new top level in terms of fatal shootings.

The highest number previously was from 2020 when a total of 47 people were killed, the year after that the number of people killed was 45, according to police statistics.

Over 70 injured

Even when it comes to the number of shootings in general, an increasing trend can be seen so far in 2022. The number was on September 1 this year at 273, compared to 344 in the whole of 2021 and 379 in the whole of 2020. If the shootings were to continue at the same rate the rest of In 2022, as so far, it looks like ending up above previous years’ total figures.

The number of injured this year was up to the same date 74 people, which can be compared with around 120 per year in recent years.

In a criminal environment

A report that the Crime Prevention Council (Brå) presented last spring showed that Sweden was the only one among 22 compared countries in Europe with an increasing trend of fatal shootings.

Temporary upswings can be seen for a few years in a few countries, but in no case is it such a clear increase as that which has taken place in Sweden for several years in a row, according to Brå. The Swedish rise in fatal violence with firearms began already in the mid-2000s, but the increase gained new momentum in 2013 and has since continued to rise.

Eight out of ten fatal shootings in Sweden take place in a criminal environment, the study showed. It is in principle only within the age group of 20–29-year-olds that the Swedish increase took place.