the recommendation of the national dialogue to suspend political parties is controversial

the recommendation of the national dialogue to suspend political parties

On Saturday, at the end of the national dialogue supposed to reform the country in depth, the panelists called for the suspension of all political parties, more than a hundred. In addition, the leaders of the CEO, the former ruling party, will be ineligible for three years. This measure, which is currently a recommendation, is causing controversy within the different political groups.

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With our special correspondent in Libreville, Sébastien Nemeth

The political parties were already angry at having only one representative each at the national dialogue which ended on Saturday. This announcement is experienced as an additional sanction. Pierre Claver Maganga Moussavou, leader of the PSD party, does not lose his temper: “ It’s absurd. Those who decided on this nonsense must understand that we will not let it happen. I believe that there are simple criteria: you are financed based on the effort you make during each election. Those who have elected representatives are financed, those who have nothing, they vegetate and will eventually disappear. This solves the problems, but we cannot restrict people. There is no worse dictatorship than the period of exception. The coup d’état led to the establishment of the dictatorship. »

Other groups are more favorable to the suspension and recall that certain parties were instruments of the old regime. “ There are backpack parties, which only exist in the president’s bag that he created, said Clay Martial Obame Akwe, first vice-president of the CGR. This regime created them to deconstruct and weaken the Gabonese opposition. The Gabonese have reflected so that Gabon presents another face which will ensure that our democracy is more credible and peaceful. »

Asked about the sanctions targeting it, the Gabonese Democratic Party has so far not wished to react.

In any case, several parties discreetly suspect that this measure serves the interests of the junta. They point in particular to the creation of several pro-power associations, which will not be affected by the suspension.

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