The really dark and much better Blue Bloods replacement that hardly anyone knows

The really dark and much better Blue Bloods replacement that

The end of Blue Bloods – Crime Scene New York is getting closer and closer and that’s why we’ve looked for alternatives that you can watch instead. It’s on TV right this evening exciting thriller dramawhich takes up many elements from the police series and moves them in a very mysterious direction.

We’re talking about Heroes of the Night – We Own the Night from 2007. The film was shot by James Gray, who has made several films over the course of his career grim New York stories has told stories, from his cool directorial debut Little Odessa to the devastating historical film The Immigrant.

Really strong thriller on TV: Heroes of the Night dares to go where Blue Bloods would never go

In Heroes of the Night, Gray focuses on the fictional Grusinsky police family, led by patriarch Albert (Robert Duvall). As deputy chief, he enjoys a good reputation in the district. Albert is a committed law enforcement officer and couldn’t be prouder his son Joseph (Mark Wahlberg), who is also pursuing a career in the police force.

You can watch the trailer for Heroes of the Night here:

Heroes of the Night – Trailer (German)

Things look different with Bobby (Joaquin Phoenix). The black sheep of the family has turned away from the law and built a nightclub that has become the home base of the Russian mafia has become. He lives a life without rules with his girlfriend Amanda (Eva Mendes). But then his shop is raided.

The fronts between Bobby and his family have already hardened. Now the situation threatens to finally escalate. Director Gray, who set his story in 1988, takes us ever deeper into a hopeless world in which one thing reigns supreme: despair. And this desperation leads the characters to make devastating decisions.

Gray is incredibly good at combining genre elements into a melodramatic framework. Each of his films feels like the characters trapped in an eternal night, while in the darkness emotions simmer in wrenching ways. A CBS series like Blue Bloods would never venture into this abyss.

Blue Bloods alternative: When is Heroes of the Night on TV?

Heroes of the Night is on tonight on April 4, 2024 at 8:15 p.m. on Tele 5. With advertising, the broadcast lasts until 10:30 p.m. The repetition follows on the night of Saturday to Sunday at 00:25 a.m. Alternatively, you can stream the film on Amazon Prime Video with various purchase and rental options.

Blue Bloods is currently in TV program from Sat.1 Gold represented with the 13th season. You can also watch the first 13 seasons of the series on Sky’s streaming service WOW. Paramount+ is currently offering the first ten seasons as a streaming subscription. It is not yet clear when the 14th season will come to Germany.

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