the REAL tips, the selection of Wednesday, November 23

1669210718 the REAL tips the selection of Wednesday November 23

Amazon begins this Wednesday, November 23, its 6th day of “Black Friday”, a commercial operation that spans several days. Beware of the announcement effects, here are the tips for this 2022 edition. Amazon is currently presenting a Nintendo pack at a reduced price!

Black Friday starts early on Amazon. For several days, the e-commerce giant applies discounts on a large number of products during this Black Friday Week 2022. What to find to prepare your Christmas shopping with peace of mind! iPhones, coffee machines, Nintendo Switch, games and toys… almost everything is there!

Our editorial team has selected for you the real promotions that are worth the detour, while the commercial operation of discounts at the end of November is in full swing. Because like every year, difficult to navigate… This Tuesday, November 22, Amazon is still one of the main players of this Black Friday 2022. But it is clear that among the thousands of items at crossed out prices ( yes, yes thousands), not everything is equal: Internet users have even found articles put forward as strong discounts, but which are in reality everywhere on competing sites, and at prices that are not so reduced…

We also offer you a price comparison on the items highlighted, to be sure that the good deals unearthed on Amazon are not – at certain times of the day or week – cheaper elsewhere!

All promotions can be found on Amazon’s Black Friday 2022 page (can be found on this link). Those who wish to take advantage of good deals before the rush on Friday, November 25 can discover a selection of products benefiting from discounts: these are actually “flash sales” which concern many categories. Here are the most interesting Black Friday promotions today:

Product selections on Black Friday promotion

Today’s flash sale items

Here are the items that we have selected and which constitute real Black Friday good deals. Amazon offers discounts on thousands of products, very varied, favoring discounts on everyday products.

Pixel 6A, Galaxy… Cheaper smartphones

The Nintendo Switch at a bargain price!

The must-have living room console is displayed at a bargain price on Amazon! This pack includes the cult Mario Kart 8 and three months of online subscription: all for €269.94 instead of €329.99! An ultra complete pack not to be missed!

The Huawei MateBook D 15 laptop at 479 euros

The JBL FLIP 5 speaker at 89.99 euros

And on iPhones? Amazon promotions and those of competitors

Amazon isn’t the only e-commerce giant to slash the prices of Apple’s famous phones. A selection of the best promotions can be found below.

objects of daily life

Amazon is renowned for the diversity of items offered on its website. Among this selection you will be able to find practical objects for everyday life… And all this on sale! Among this selection you will find coffee machine, camera, vacuum cleaner, headphones, connected scale; here is a wide range of products in promotions!

A selection of inexpensive games and toys: Pokémon, Star Wars, LEGO…!

Christmas is fast approaching and Amazon offers a selection of video games; discount toys as the holidays approach. Lego, Star Wars, Pokemon; Harry Potter, many requested items are included!

Amazon is betting on 11 consecutive days of Black Friday: it is therefore necessary to count on two weekends of promotions, framing a short week (Monday to Friday) of discounts, followed by a “cybermonday” of rab on November 28. If Amazon has started its Black Friday so early, this can give it a considerable comparative advantage: remember that Black Friday, unlike the sales, is not strictly regulated by law: there is no official date, nor the same obligations for merchants on products offered as discounts. In this business battle governed by the laws of the jungle, whoever communicates the most with a solid plan and an early start can make the difference. It should therefore be noted that other brands have adjusted: some brands and online sales sites have even dared to have a “Black Friday Month”, which timidly began on November 1, 2022…

If Amazon is strongly associated with Black Friday in France, it is because the online sales platform has played a decisive role in making it an unmissable event in France. But now, almost all major merchants are running Black Friday promotions. Linternaute invites you to follow the event with all you need to know concretely, how to identify the real good deals… from our great live to find here:

Note that the official date of Black Friday remains Friday, November 25 for this year 2022: on that day, new promotions always emerge, given the attention of customers, who remain focused on this date. But be careful, to really take advantage of good deals, we advise you to anticipate, list what you need before you start and take out the credit card.