The Rarest Handheld Consoles Favorite by Collectors

If you are wondering what the rarest handheld consoles are, from Hello Kitty to Metroid, let’s take a look at these products that attract the attention of collectors.

In the video game world, there are some items that over time become more than just fun, they become great treasures for collectors. Today, it is worth 180 thousand liras. rarest handheld consoles We will focus on. These products, all made by Nintendo, have a historical value beyond an ordinary gaming experience.

The Rarest Handheld Consoles and Their Stories

First, we’re starting with the GameBoy Pocket Hello Kitty Edition. This special edition is limited edition only in Japan and is adorned with Hello Kitty’s adorable face. It is of great value not only for Hello Kitty fans, but also for retro game collectors.

Next comes the GameBoy Light. This model, which allows you to play games even at night with its illuminated screen, offered an indispensable feature especially for night owls. New 3DS

New 3DS XL Metroid – Samus Edition is another special edition made for fans of the Metroid series. This console, bearing the details of Samus Aran’s armor, has great collection value for fans of the series. 3DS XL NES Limited Edition has an appearance reminiscent of the design of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. It holds a special place for retro game lovers.

Finally, the GameBoy Light Skelton MGB-101 Famitsu Exclusive MODEL-F02 500th Edition was produced specifically to celebrate the 500th issue of Famitsu magazine. This model, which allows the internal equipment to be seen with its transparent case, is very rare and valuable as it is produced in limited numbers.

The consoles introduced in the video reveal Nintendo’s innovative approach to the gaming world and explain how boxed and special edition consoles have become collector’s items over time.