The Radiation Safety Authority wants to move the management from Katrineholm

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It was after a government decision in 2017 that part of the authority was moved from Solna to Katrineholm. Initially, 120 jobs were promised, but this was later reduced to 50.

Now the director general wants to move the authority’s management function and seat from Katrineholm and back to Solna. This is evident from a request sent to the government office at the end of March.

“Deficient and one-sided”

The Christian Democrat Ulf Rosén is also critical of how the homestead is formulated.

– I think it is flawed and one-sided. It indicates a lack of local anchoring, says Ulf Rosén.

In the document that was first sent in, it was stated, among other things, that Katrineholm is not close to any hospital and that this would be a reason for difficulties in recruiting certain positions.

The information was later corrected in the documentation that is now up for government decision.

Director: Only my position is being moved

The Radiation Safety Authority currently has 43 employees in Katrineholm, and one of these is the director general’s position. According to Nina Cromnier, it is the only service that will be affected by a possible move.