The Question of When Shrek 5 Will Be Released has Been Answered: Shrek 5 Will Come in 2025

The Question of When Shrek 5 Will Be Released has

Shrek 5, the next production of the 3D Animated film series Shrek, is eagerly awaited by fans of the series. Almost 14 years have passed since Shrek 4 (Shrek Forever After), which was last released in 2010. While fans of the series have been waiting for the announcement of the new production for a long time, the news was learned thanks to a leak. An intern working at NBCUniversal Media The post made by on Linkedin provided an answer to the question of when Shrek 5 will be released. The eagerly awaited Shrek 5 will meet its fans in 2025.

Shrek Series Had a Long Break

American author, screenwriter and cartoonist William Steig The children’s literature product “Shrek!”, published by A.Ş. in 1990, was highly appreciated by both children and adults. The popularization of the 1990 comedy-fantasy picture book, along with the spread of animation productions, gave rise to the producers’ idea of ​​transferring this book to the big screen.

Adaptation from the book Shrek’s first animated film, 2001 It was published in . The 1 and a half hour production was so popular that it increased its popularity with its huge box office performance and the attention it received. Almost everyone will remember that Shrek, which was released all over the world in a short time, was also released in our country the same year.

After the Shrek animated film was very popular, the producers continued the series and 3 more Shrek animated films were released until 2010. 4 Shrek 3D animated movies in total It was shot until 2010 and met with cinema enthusiasts.

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The Question of When Shrek 5 Will Be Released has

The question of when Shrek 5 will be released has been replaced by the question of who will voice it!

While the fact that Shrek 5 will come after all these years has made fans of the series happy, Turkish fans have already started to wonder whether the old voice cast will be preserved. In 2025, with a post on Linkedin by an intern working at NBCUniversal Media. Shrek 5, which was revealed to be releasedit is expected to exceed the box office figures of old productions.

As it is known, Shrek 4 (Shrek Forever After) was a significant success with a box office revenue of 752.6 million dollars. Shrek 5’s $1 billion box office revenue While it is predicted that it will exceed the level, it is estimated that the details about Shrek 5 will become clear in 2024.