The qualifying series begins in Husqvarna Garden

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The dissolution of the SHL and the Hockeyallsvenskan is approaching. Follow the playoffs in TV4 Play.

HV71 and Oskarshamn have had a lead-heavy season and in the end there was never any doubt as to which two teams would be forced into the qualifying games to save the SHL contract.

This qualifying game begins on Friday evening when HV71 welcome their Småland colleagues to Husqvarna Garden for the first match in this match series which is decided in the best of seven.

There is certainly a long series of matches coming up, but the first match has proved to be important in the last qualifying series. 2024 is the fourth year that the SHL qualifiers are decided in this way, with a straight match series. In each of the previous three years, the winner of the first match has also taken home the entire match series.

The winners of the first round will therefore be decided on Friday evening, when the puck is dropped at 19:30. Already at 19:00, however, it is possible to load up for the match together with TV4 Play’s studio on site in Jönköping.