the PS still announces the internal victory of Faure, which remains disputed

the PS still announces the internal victory of Faure which

It took a new count for the French Socialist Party (PS) to appoint its first secretary. According to the verification commission, it is Olivier Faure who would win the second round, with 51.09% of the vote, against 48.91% for Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. But he still doesn’t accept.

Difficult to see the end of the tunnel. This Sunday afternoon, a press release from the PS falls with the results of the commission responsible for scrutinizing the vote of the militants.

Olivier Faure, outgoing first secretary, would win with just over 51% of the vote.

Yes but now, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol is still not in agreement. According to the mayor of Rouen, the verification commission has not finished its work, some federations have not been checked.

He accuses his rival of passing by force.

One more episode, therefore, in the soap opera which began on Friday. At the end of an extremely confusing night, a press release from the Socialist Party had already proclaimed Olivier Faure winner, with a little less difference, but the result had been immediately contested by the opponent, denouncing numerous irregularities.

The left-wing political formation has since been plunged into crisis, each camp claiming victory by castigating the opposing cheating. The proofing commission was supposed to make everyone agree? It would seem that it only aggravated the divisions.

Those close to Olivier Faure accuse Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol’s team of wanting to break up the PS, before leaving to split.

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