The protests that started with the death of a young woman are intensifying and the death toll is rising in Iran – the regime is trying to block access to social media

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The protests that spread across Iran started at a bad time for the regime. Efforts have been made to prevent the spread of protests by restricting citizens’ access to social media and instant messaging services.

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In Iran, the protests started by the death of a young woman arrested by the chastity police are gaining momentum. Protests have been organized in more than 50 cities across the country.

Iranian security forces have responded to the protests with force.

According to the Oslo-based Iran Human Rights NGO, at least 31 civilians have already died in the protests.

Iran’s state television says that 17 people were killed, including police officers and other security officials.

Some and instant messaging services are perfect

To prevent the protests from spreading, Iran’s largest telecom operator has significantly restricted access to various internet services. Efforts have been made to completely prevent the use of social media and instant messaging services.

Instant messaging service Whatsapp announced on Twitter (you will switch to another service) on Thursday evening that it is not blocking messages from Iranian numbers, but is working to keep connections up and running.

According to Netblocks, which oversees the management of Internet connections, the restrictions are more serious since 2019.

At that time, Iran saw widespread anti-regime protests caused by fuel price increases.

According to the Iranian government, around 200,000 people participated in the protests. An estimated 1,500 people lost their lives in the protests.

The protests started at a critical moment

The one who died from the violence of the chastity police last Friday Mahsa Aminin that the protests created started at an awkward time for the Iranian leadership.

The protests also have wider public support compared to 2019, writes news agency AP. The international sanctions imposed because of Iran’s nuclear program have brought Iran’s economy to a standstill.

Iran’s arch-enemy the United States, like many other Western countries, has condemned the events. The United States said on Thursday that it would place the leaders of Iran’s chastity police and Iran’s intelligence minister under sanctions.

Iran’s influential Revolutionary Guard has branded the protests an “enemy conspiracy”. It requires the judiciary to prosecute the spreaders of “false rumours” on social media.

A counter-demonstration has been called in Iran for Friday. It shows support for women to dress conservatively, such as wearing a hijab scarf that covers the neck and hair.

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