The professor: “Sooner or later they have to let go of the compulsion”

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Filmmaker Nahid Persson has depicted the oppression of women in Iran in several films. She herself participated on Monday in a demonstration in Stockholm against the Iranian morality rules.

– I myself know women who have been abused and tortured by the morality police and put in prison just because they took off the veil. Women in Iran no longer have a choice, they have had enough and have nothing to lose, she says in SVT’s Aktuellt.

Iranian authorities deny that 22-year-old Masa Amini was abused but claim that she died of a heart defect. Nevertheless, they have apologized and promise that the incident will be investigated further. The president has even called her family and assured this, says Mohammad Fazlhashemi, professor of Islamic theology.

– For 43 years, they have tried to indoctrinate children – from preschool age to university level – to follow these rules. Yet we see the protests.

What can they lead to?

– Sooner or later they have to let go of this constraint on how a woman should dress. The protests and the reactions of the outside world may accelerate the process, but there is also a movement within the religious ranks.