The price of petrol rises – so does the price of diesel

The target price for 95-octane petrol at manned stations is increased by 20 öre to SEK 19.59 per litre. The price of diesel is increased by 15 öre to SEK 19.29 per litre.

For biodiesel (HVO100), the price is increased by 15 öre to 22.09 kroner per litre, while the price of vehicle gas is increased by 34 öre to 28.29 kroner per kilo.

The price of ethanol (E85) is left unchanged at SEK 14.48 per litre.

Fuel prices are generally lower at unmanned stations and may vary locally.

Just over half of the prices for fossil fuels consist of carbon dioxide tax, energy tax and VAT on both the taxes and the fuel itself.