The price has dropped to 2039 TL! Discount on state-of-the-art Hoover beam vacuum cleaner

The price has dropped to 2039 TL Discount on state of the art

We all want our living space to be clean and we use brooms for this. While conventional vacuum cleaners trap the dust and dirt on the floor, the state-of-the-art new generation beam cleaners do much more than that. How Does? Beam brooms working with ultraviolet rays; Thanks to UV rays, it destroys harmful bacteria and germs on many different floors such as carpets and armchairs forever and offers a cleaning that you cannot do with a normal vacuum cleaner. Hoover ULTRA VORTEX UV-C Light Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner, one of the most popular beam vacuum cleaner models, is now on sale for a short time! If you are looking for the perfect solution to get rid of germs in your home, do not miss this great opportunity.

Goodbye to dirt, dust and mites: Hoover ULTRA VORTEX UV-C Light Cleaner

Hoover ULTRA VORTEX UV-C Light Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner uses UV-C rays to destroy bacteria and viruses in your home. Thus, it helps you to create a more hygienic environment in your home. Thanks to its powerful engine and HEPA filter, it purifies your home from dust and other pollutants. Beam broom is especially ideal for allergy sufferers. Its ergonomic design and light weight make it easy to use and easy to carry anywhere. In addition, thanks to the 2.5 liter dust container, you do not need a dust bag for longer use. It easily cleans dirt and dust from all kinds of floors, even fabrics. It has 3 different cleaning technologies for perfect cleaning: sweeping mode, brush head mode rotating 4200 times per minute, UV-C ray mode. It offers an ideal solution for those who suffer from allergies, dermatitis and asthma. Perfect for pet hair removal.

What are users saying?

  • “We have two dogs at home and we are a family that spends a lot of time on the sofas, especially during the pandemic. Hoover arrived today, first of all thanks to Amazon for the incredibly fast delivery. I regret not getting it until today. Even though I vacuum the seats at least twice a week with a regular vacuum cleaner, It’s much more difficult to put it on and off and use it. I’ve left the Ultra Vortex plugged in at the living room right now. I take it out and run over the pillows of the sofas like this. It draws great with its UV filter and tattooed rotating brush. I couldn’t believe what came out of the swept seats this morning. Its sound is very reasonable, it is easy to hold, its weight is not felt because you use it by leaving it on the surface. I am very satisfied. I will use it for beds as well. Goodbye to mites and dust. It is also very useful compared to a normal handheld vacuum, there is no need to charge it once. Definitely worth it, forehead.”

  • “As a person who has been allergic to both mites and cats for years, this product has given me incredible relief. The doctor recommended washing the linens at 60 degrees once a week, but because my cat got into my bed, the hairs were getting into the linens well during washing. This product collects even very fine dust. UV “It kills the mites with its rays. It makes the bedding clean.”

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