The presence of IT professions on the self-employed market

The presence of IT professions on the self employed market

To escape the salary system, to take advantage of more flexibility, to create a tailor-made job …, today many IT specialists and developers, in the broad sense of the term because the field of IT (Technologies of information) includes a multitude of trades, favor freelancing to exercise their activity. This mode of operation is perfectly suited to the current changes shaking the world of work. The opportunity for us to take stock of the place of Freelance IT in the job market.

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What is the trend in the job market? The recent crisis in Covid-19 has reshaped the world of work and more particularly the organization of companies. No more teleworking granted, human resources adjustments, the need to save money to make up for the financial loss of the last few months … These are all reasons that lead business leaders or project managers to look for freelancers in computer science rather than hiring on a fixed-term or permanent contract.

But before looking in more detail at the strengths of individual entrepreneurs in this sector, it is important to specify that the IT (Information Technology) professions are numerous: ranging from systems and networks administrator to Data Scientist without omitting all the professions related to development.

The health crisis and economic leads to strong demand in terms of digital transition, as Laurent Delattre underlines in a post published on ItForBusiness, a magazine specializing in management in the sector digital. Recruit an IT freelance allows you to adopt a multidisciplinary way of working that offers the possibility of composing the ideal team by choosing with precision the skills you need to carry out the project. Hierarchical structures are evolving and in recent years many companies have started to think “projects” and no longer “business”.

Why choose a freelancer?

Benefiting from a simplified professional scheme, micro-entrepreneurs and individual entrepreneurs present several advantages for companies, whatever their size.

  • They manage their time freely and benefit from flexible hours.
  • Their autonomy allows them to vary the missions and respond to any emergencies of their customers.
  • They are constantly being trained! To remain competitive, freelancers in computer science need to stay current and learn continuously to complete their skill set.
  • They have a global vision of the profession. This plurality of missions offers them valuable feedback that can be useful to you depending on the position you wish to entrust.

How to find new freelancers?

There are several ways to contact professionals depending on your actual needs. But what works best are the networking platforms. You can submit your assignment proposals there, search for a freelance near your workplace if you prefer face-to-face or even filter by areas of expertise.

And, for a healthy work base, be as specific as possible in your job offer! The start date of the service, its duration, the prerequisites or even the remuneration are elements to be clearly indicated in order to attract the attention of freelancers looking for new contracts.

It is now entirely possible to temporarily recruit an expert who specifically meets the needs and challenges of your project!

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