The police’s response to the criticism: Must prioritize

The polices response to the criticism Must prioritize

Published: Just now

full screen The police have views on the National Audit Office’s report. Archive image. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

The National Audit Office is critical – but the Police defends the application of so-called special events.

The National Audit Office claims in a critical report, among other things, that the local police work suffers when the police, in more serious incidents, reinforce the effort with resources from local police areas.

But such redistributions are necessary in critical situations, according to the Police:

“The possible consequences that arise when extraordinary situations lead to changed resource needs cannot be derived from the form of management, but are a result of prioritizing the problem picture that the Police Agency currently has to deal with,” writes the authority.

The National Audit Office also believes that special events can last far too long and then do more harm than good.

The police do not agree with that conclusion.

“One of the basic ideas of the police reform was to create the conditions for a nationally cohesive authority, in order to be able to use the authority’s collective resources in an effective way”.


Special event

A special incident means a sudden, unforeseen or planned event for which ordinary police operations are not adapted.

It could be that an extra number of police officers or special skills are needed.

The incident must therefore be handled outside of ordinary police operations with a special organization and management.

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