The police’s huge investment has yielded results: Significantly calmer

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

A wave of violence that Sweden had never seen before, with almost daily shootings and explosions, largely filled the news broadcasts in January.

The Stockholm police launched a special event, and hundreds of police officers from all over the country were called in.

The extensive effort is still ongoing, and it has yielded results, says Deputy Chief of Staff Max Åkerwall:

– From the end of January, the beginning of February, it is much calmer in this environment. There are still occasional incidents, but it is not at all the spiral of violence that we had from Christmas Day until January 20-25. There has really been a break in that trend, he says to TV4 Nyheterna.

In the most prioritized conflicts, there are currently 70 people in custody, and the police are actively working to strengthen the evidence against them. Despite signs of success, one does not yet want to say that the spiral of violence is about to be broken.

– I wish I could say that we were. It is still very fragile as the conflicts are still alive. We have to join forces with all of society’s agencies, says Max Åkerwall.

Shootings and explosions in Region Stockholm

January 2023:
Shootings: 17
Kill: 3
Detonations: 11

February 2023:
Shootings: 8
Killed: 0
Detonations: 1

Seizure 25/12–22 to 27/2-23:

Pistol / Revolver: 54 pieces
Automatic carbine: 19 pieces
Explosives: 39 pieces
Hand grenades 9 pieces
Dynamite 17.9 kg
Other (3D-printed etc): 1 pc.

Source: The police