The police’s call before the storm • SMHI: “Many can be affected”

The polices call before the storm • SMHI Many can

Published: Less than 10 min ago

A severe snowstorm threatens large parts of the country.

Now the police are preparing for the storm and giving advice to motorists who should go out.

– Keep your distance, says police spokesperson Johnny Gustavsson.

A snow storm is on its way over Sweden.

SMHI has issued several orange and yellow weather warnings for Tuesday and Wednesday. The southern parts of the country will be worst affected.

The police in Södermanland have now issued a checklist to follow to avoid accidents:

  • Adjust the speed to the surface
  • Keep your distance to the car in front
  • Brush the car windows clean
  • Make sure you have extra clothes with you in the car and preferably some drinks
  • “Not brain surgery”

    Police spokesperson Johnny Gustavsson says that they are prepared for disturbances.

    – You have to look at the surface when you go out. How does it feel? If you need to scrape the windows, maybe the roads are slippery. Then you have to adapt. What the hell, it’s not brain surgery. Keep your distance.

    It will be worst on the smaller roads, according to Johnny Gustavsson.

    full screen Johnny Gustavsson. Photo: The police

    – It is always the large road network that is taken care of the fastest. So it’s the smaller roads that cause more trouble. They really warn of large local variations in the amount of snow, he says

    The orange warnings for strong wind in combination with snow apply to northern Götaland, eastern Svealand and northern Scania. Something that has caused the Swedish Transport Administration to now go on alert.

    – From midnight to Wednesday at 12.00 we will shut down two train lines. Many people can be affected, says Bengt Olsson, press spokesperson at the Swedish Transport Administration.

    He states that this applies to the routes Ystad to Simrishamn and Teckomatorp and Eslöv to Helsingborg.

    Yellow warnings in several places

    SMHI has also issued yellow warnings for southernmost and eastern Svealand, all of Götaland, Gotland, Öland. As well as the gale warnings in Skagerrak, Vänern, parts of the Baltic Sea, Kattegatt, Öresund and Bälten.

    – It is a low pressure coming in over Sweden that brings with it this unstable weather. The snow can be very heavy and in parts of the country it can be very icy outside, says Emma Rosengren, meteorologist at SMHI.