The police suspect Simon Ekpa from Lahti of a money-raising crime – KRP is also investigating the activities of the Nigerian rebel on social media

The police suspect Simon Ekpa from Lahti of a money raising

The Nigerian government has on several occasions asked Finland to intervene in Ekpa’s activities and prevent it.

24.2. 10:04•Updated 24.2. 18:05

The Central Criminal Police suspects a Nigerian rebel living in Lahti Simon Ekpaa money collection crime.

The police arrested Ekpa in Lahti on Thursday morning. He was released the same evening.

KRP does not confirm Ekpa’s name, but Ekpa’s neighbor told that he saw the situation.

Director of investigations, criminal inspector Tommi Reen however, admits to that he is aware of only one KRP operation in Lahti on Thursday.

According to KRP, the operation was related to the ongoing preliminary investigation, which investigates a suspected money collection crime.

– The police have been investigating the case since autumn 2022. The actual preliminary investigation into the case started at the beginning of February, and based on that, it is suspected that the man from Lahti has collected money in violation of the Money Collection Act, says Reen.

The police have questioned Ekpa, but the investigation is still in the early stages.

met Ekpa on Friday morning, who did not want to comment on criminal suspicions at the time. He said he would meet the police during the day in Lahti. However, could not reach Ekpa again on Friday evening.

Ekpa claims to lead a rebel group

The police have received several contacts about Ekpa’s activities on social media.

Because of this, the police are investigating whether there is any reason to suspect Ekpa of other crimes.

Ekpa has claimed in an interview with that he leads a rebel group from Lahti that wants to establish an independent state of Biafra in the southeastern part of Nigeria.

Ekpa has said it accepts the use of violence against Nigerian government forces. In addition, Ekpa has imposed a curfew on certain days of the week for residents of five states in South-Eastern Nigeria.

‘s visit to the area showed that Ekpa and his troops are feared and his orders are obeyed.

Ekpa’s Twitter video, in which he orders people to boycott the elections and stay in their homes, has already been viewed over a million times.

The Nigerian government has on several occasions asked Finland to intervene in Ekpa’s activities and prevent it.

Ekpa has lived in Finland for a long time and is involved in local politics in Lahti. He is a member of the coalition and serves as a member of the public transport board of the Lahti region.

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