The police report on a robbery, Örnsköldsvik

The police report on a robbery, Örnsköldsvik The picture is a genre picture. – Photo:

“North of Örnsköldsvik, man found in terrain,” the police write on their website.

The police in Västernorrland report this:

The man was found on Sunday morning by person(s) who were out in the field. Suspicion arose that he had been the victim of a crime. He was taken to medical care.

Interviews have been held during the day, with the man and with people who may know more about what happened. At the moment, the case is classified as robbery and unlawful deprivation of liberty.

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Info about Robbery crime

The number of reports of robbery has decreased in Sweden by 13% between 2013-2021 *. Örnsköldsvik is top 68 in Sweden this year in terms of robberies.

The city with the most robberies so far this year is Malmö, followed by Stockholm and Gothenburg. Brief facts about Örnsköldsvik

Örnsköldsvik is a place in Västernorrland, with 33348 inhabitants. Örnsköldsvik is the largest city in Ångermanland.

* The statistics come from the Crime Prevention Council


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