The police report a fire, Karlskrona

The police in Blekinge report this:

Police are sent to an address in the countryside, between Kättilsmåla and Sälleryd, where the emergency services and ambulance services have been alerted due to a fire in a garage that is attached to a villa.

According to initial information from SOS Alarm, no person, but possibly a cat, is left in the buildings.

Police are on their way to the scene.

The incident is handled primarily as a rescue effort, which is led by the emergency services. The police’s main task is initially to assist the rescue service in its work, then to investigate whether crimes in the context can be suspected.

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Info about Fire crimes

Karlskrona is top 26 in Sweden this year in terms of fire.

The city with the most fires so far this year is Malmö, followed by Stockholm and Västerås. Brief facts about Karlskrona

Karlskrona is located in Blekinge and has 36,904 inhabitants. The city center is located on the island of Trossö.