The police on the explosion: Serious incident

The police on the explosion Serious incident

Updated 15:29 | Published 15:14

– We were met by chaotic scenes with a lot of people who couldn’t get out of the house.

That’s what rescue leader Per Nisser says about the fire in the apartment building in Norrköping.

The police, the rescue service and the municipality are holding a press conference regarding the fire and explosion that occurred in a residential building in central Norrköping early on Sunday morning.

An attic fire broke out in connection with the detonation, says Nisser.

– With the help of the police, we also evacuated adjacent properties.

Later, the rescue service’s focus changed to putting out the attic fire.

– We have just now managed to put out the fire and have started lifting rubble from the roof.

– The building is damaged and there is no roof on some parts and the facade is protruding after the detonation, he continues.

Frida Braf, head of the Norrköping local police area, also emphasizes the seriousness of what happened.

– We could quickly understand that this was a serious incident, she says.

150 people have been evacuated.

– Eight people have been taken to hospital with minor injuries. They have all been able to leave the hospital, says Braf.

Several people have been questioned in the case, according to Braf. Two of them, a man and a woman, have been arrested and are suspected of public destruction and violation of the Act on Inflammable Explosive Goods.

– The preliminary investigation is handed over to the prosecutor, says Braf.

– The technical investigation will be an important piece of the puzzle, says Braf.

Many of the evacuees were escorted to a nearby church which served as a collection point.

Braf says that the police will continue to work with safety-creating work and crime prevention work.

The police are also asking for tips about what happened.