The police in Södertälje take help from Italian mafia police

The financial crime in Södertälje is unique and similar to the Italian mafia, says Criminal Commissioner Gunnar Appelgren in Södertälje.
Therefore, the Södertälje police will start cooperating with the Italian mafia police.

During the 21st century, Södertälje has had major problems with serious crime. The city has also suffered from parallel social structures and so-called system-threatening crime, which, among other things, resulted in criminals infiltrating the municipality’s operations.

The Södertälje police force now sends investigators and detective leaders for training with Italy’s anti-mafia unit. The goal is to gain in-depth knowledge of which methods work in the fight against financial crime and corruption.

– We will receive international lessons about which methods work against economic crime and corruption, says Criminal Commissioner Gunnar Appelgren.

Gunnar Appelgren likens Södertälje’s mafia structure to the Italian ‘Ndrangheta mafia, which has been accused of having embedded itself in the Italian social system over the years. The ‘Ndrangheta has been linked to massive drug trafficking worldwide but has also been accused of having a large network of lawyers, civil servants and court employees.

There are similarities with the ‘Ndrangheta mafia

According to Appelgren, there are similarities between the ‘Ndrangheta mafia and the activities of the Södertälje mafia.

– It is mainly when we look at waste crime, corruption, arms smuggling and other forms of economic crime. We will be able to increase our ability to fight that crime after this collaboration.

Economic crime in Sweden has a turnover of approximately 150 billion annually and Appelgren describes it as threatening the system.

– We want to work against morally undermining parasitic crime, economic crime, corruption and at the same time work against violence.