The police in Malmö report on police action / commanding

The police in Skåne report this:

The special event has gone according to plan and with great help from resources from the entire southern police region. Sunday offered boring challenges such as bengal burning, destruction of audience nets and fire alarms being activated. This caused the second half to be delayed for just over an hour.

Unfortunately, a smaller number of people also had to travel to hospital on Sunday afternoon due to, among other things, the extensive smoke from the pyrotechnics and broken bones in some cases.

In numbers for the Police Authority:

5 people were removed/taken into custody for disorderly conduct in accordance with Section 13 of the Police Act

1 person was arrested for violent resistance to an official

1 person was taken into custody under the Law on Persons in Charge of Intoxicated Persons (LOB)

The numbers may change in the next 24 hours as more notifications may be added.

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Info on Police action/commanding crime

Malmö is top 1 in Sweden this year in terms of police action/commanding.

The city with the highest number of police operations/commands so far this year is Malmö, followed by Stockholm and Gothenburg. Brief facts about Malmö

Malmö is a town in Skåne, with 325,069 inhabitants. The football team Malmö FF has the most SM titles (22) of all teams in Sweden..