The police in Jönköping report a murder

The police in Jönköping report a murder The picture is a genre picture. Photo: All Rights Reserved.

“Attempt to murder”, the police write on their website.

The police in Jönköping County report this:

At 01.51 a call comes in that a person has been abused by several people equipped with the attachment. The incident occurred on Östra Storgatan in central Jönköping. The plaintiff is a man in his 20s. The damage is serious and the man has been taken to hospital for treatment. Due to the way the plaintiff was injured and the injuries to the man, a preliminary investigation has been initiated regarding the crime of attempted murder.

The crime scene has been cordoned off and a technical investigation carried out. Some findings are made at the crime scene.

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Info on Murder/homicide crime

The number of reports of murder has increased in Sweden by 39% between 2013-2021 *. Jönköping is in the top 16 in Sweden this year in terms of murder.

The city with the most murders/murders so far this year is Stockholm, followed by Gothenburg and Norrköping. Brief facts about Jönköping

Jönköping is a town in Jönköping county, with 100,579 inhabitants. The settlement also includes the former settlements Huskvarna and Norrahammar.

* The statistics come from the Crime Prevention Council

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