The players took part in fundraising – the top Finnish club has already received almost 20,000 euros in relief for their plight

New champion in womens volleyball LP Kangasala dropped LP

The final season of LP Kangasala has been secured with a successful fundraising campaign. In the next season, the top club in the volleyball Championship League plans to invest in renewing the organization.

28.2. 17:44•Updated 28.2. 17:45

On February 17, LP Kangasala, who plays in the Women’s Championship League, announced the team’s difficult financial situation. Last season’s finalist had a shortfall of about 30,000 euros for this season.

The team decided to launch a campaign where the goal was to sell 500 support tickets for the first playoff game on March 15. The team succeeded in its goal and the team is closer to 20,000 euros.

Chairman of LP Kangasala ry Jarkko Laine according to the campaign has progressed well.

– In itself, it’s a very good situation, but it’s still not quite there, Laine says.

The players have also participated in fundraising by selling support tickets to sponsors.

According to the law, the current season can be played to the end. The next season is also in strong shape.

– There is no need to eat next season’s income to finish this season.

The goal is to reform the organization

According to Laine, the team’s situation is not exceptional. During the Corona period, the team’s operations were saved by state and union subsidies. According to Laine, one of the biggest reasons for the weak economic situation is the behavior of the public after the worst corona period.

– The public has not returned to the hall as usual.

The sponsor situation is also affected by the economic downturn and the war in Ukraine.

However, LP Kangasala has clear plans for the future. The team’s long-term manager Jorma Malm retires at the end of the season and the team is undergoing an organizational reform process. The goal is to build an even stronger organization.

– The goal is to create a professional sales organization with event planning and development as well as more effective sales towards sponsors.

LP Kangasala has received criticism in the media for wastefulness. Laine wants to correct this claim.

– We practically have one full-time employee. The team’s coach and players are more and less professionals. The rest of the money goes to running expenses, such as trips to competitions.

LP Kangasala is currently third in the regular season in the Women’s Championship League. The next time Kangasala will face LP Viest on March 1.