The pastry chef advises: This is how you make the best semla at home

Shrove Tuesday is an old Christian tradition and marks the end of the period before Lent begins. In the olden days, people used to make sure to eat properly during Fat Day. Today, there are rather many who look forward to the day to enjoy a semla.

Semlan traditionally consists of a bun, almond pulp and whipped cream. If you want to bake a semla at home, it is important to make a good bun, says pastry chef Frida Wecke.

– You want a fluffy bread that will rise for quite a long time. You can bake the bread in water instead of milk so it doesn’t dry out, she says in SVT’s Morgonstudion.

Whisk slowly

The cream is also a key ingredient that should not be neglected.

– To get the cream lovely and not too stiff, you want to whip it slowly. So you shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry. Then I think you should use a cream that is not too fatty, it is better with 36 percent than 40 percent, says Frida Wecke.

If it feels overwhelming, you can of course buy a ready-made semla, but Frida Wecke still thinks you should try a home-baked one.

– You just have to let go of the self-confidence a little. With a little time and love, you can make a really nice semla at home.