the parents of the infant found dead indicted and imprisoned for “murder” and “concealment of a corpse”

the parents of the infant found dead indicted and imprisoned

The parents of the infant found dead in an apartment in Caen on Thursday April 4 were both indicted and placed in pre-trial detention. The father, aged 25, is said to be the author of fatal blows to the baby.

The father of the infant found dead Thursday in an apartment in Caen (Calvados), was indicted for “murder of a minor under fifteen years of age”, Saturday April 6, announced the city’s prosecutor’s office, reports BFMTV. The child’s mother, for her part, was indicted for “concealment of a corpse and failure to assist a minor in danger”. Both, aged 25 and 21 respectively, were placed in pre-trial detention by decision of the judge of freedoms and detention after the opening of a judicial investigation, indicated the public prosecutor of Caen, Joël Garrigue.

The lifeless body of the infant, aged four and a half months, was discovered on Friday. Joël Garrigue then specified that “the first findings suggest that the death was criminal”. It was the baby’s mother who raised the alarm after calling the police. On site, the police arrested two people, the father and mother of the child, in an apartment located at 11 rue de Bourgogne, in Caen, in the Chemin-Vert district, found West France.

The child died after a series of blows

According to the first findings made on site by the police, the death of the infant dates back to March 15, and was the result of a series of blows suffered by his father. At his death, and in order to hide the odors of the decomposing body, the baby had been “covered with several layers of textiles and objects”, Joël Garrigue further indicated in a press release. For the moment, and while the investigation continues, the public prosecutor wanted to clarify that “at this stage, there remain significant discrepancies between the versions” of the two suspects.

Questioned on site by our colleagues from Ouest-France, the great-grandmother of the infant’s mother indicated that her “little girl was under the influence”. And added: “She didn’t want to see anyone, even her mother, she didn’t want to let her in.” Now, a forensic examination must be carried out on the baby’s body in the coming days to try to determine the exact causes of death.