the organization of a congress on extraterrestrials raises fears of sectarian excesses

the organization of a congress on extraterrestrials raises fears of

A gathering in France to prepare for the arrival of extraterrestrials: this is what awaits the city of Limoges, a city in central France, for three days. Behind the organization of this congress, an NGO called “Alliance Célestes”. She intends to inform the participants about a possible arrival of extraterrestrials on Earth. An event which does not enchant the local authorities who fear the making of conspiratorial comments and sectarian excesses.

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For the past month, Alliance Célestes has been meeting participants on social networks. In total, there will be 3,000 people going to the Zénith de Limoges, reserved for the occasion. The objective is to raise awareness through conferences on a possible extraterrestrial arrival on Earth.

Thierry Miguel, socialist vice-president of the Haute-Vienne department, initially thought it was a joke, before becoming disillusioned by looking more closely at the CVs of the participants. One of them in particular is known to be close to the conspiracy movement QAnon. “ We are in a time where we really need reasons and there, we will find ourselves with people who will have vague theories, with this breeding ground which serves the extreme right », fears Thierry Miguel.

An NGO that is not on the list of sectarian movements

Hypnosis sessions and shaman interventions are also on the program during these three days, provided by followers of alternative medicine. “ The risk is that some people attend this symposium because they are in search of meaningexplains Jean-Louis Amelineau, president of the Info Sectes Aquitaine prevention association. And people who know how to do it, after having identified vulnerable people, will try to seduce them, in the broad sense of the term, and make them believe that they will benefit from isolating themselves with the aim of a utopia. saving. This is where I say vigilance. »

But on the side of the Zénith management, we are categorical: the organizer is not included in the list of sectarian movements. No complaints or convictions have been filed against the NGO. Celestial Alliance has never been talked about before. When asked, she did not respond. The prefecture confirms that there is no ban on the event being better but still specifies: “ We will remain attentive. »

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