the oppositions are considering a motion of no confidence

the oppositions are considering a motion of no confidence

While the government is considering more and more seriously to go through an amendment to the social security finance bill to reform pensions, the opposition, unanimous against this method, are considering their reply. The idea of ​​a new motion of censure, a little more than two months after a first failed attempt, is gaining ground.

If the government continues to want to force through, we will oppose it with a motion of censure “. The warning is clear and it is signed Mathilde Panot, the president of the Insoumis group in the National Assembly. On this point, the various left-wing parties agree, there is no question of letting the government reform pensions by amending the law on social security and then using article 49-3 of the Constitution, which makes it possible to dispense with majority.

And this point of view is also shared by the National Rally. Marine Le Pen has already shared this with Elisabeth Borne during of a meeting on Wednesday at Matignon. “ I clearly told him that if they intended to pass the pension reform through an amendment, we would vote for the motions of censure that would be tabled, whatever their origin. “said the president of the National Rally.

Except that to overthrow the government, you need at least 289 deputies and the Nupes and the RN accumulate 240. A high number, but not enough, even if part of the group of 20 independent Freedom and Territories deputies could join them.

In the event of a motion of censure being tabled, the decision would therefore be in the hands of the Republicans, who occupy 62 seats. And by the admission of an LR deputy, some could be tempted by censorship, but not the majority. Elisabeth Borne and her government therefore seem out of danger, at least for the moment.

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