the opposition MRC party is concerned about a possible change in the electoral calendar

the opposition MRC party is concerned about a possible change

In a statement signed Friday March 15, 2024, Maurice Kamto, the president of the main opposition party, denounces maneuvers by the government aimed at reversing the electoral calendar, i.e. the presidential election before the holding of municipal and legislative elections. In the initial calendar, these latest elections are scheduled to be held in February 2025 and the presidential election in October 2025.

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With our correspondent in Yaoundé, Polycarp Essomba

Maurice Kamto says in his text that this inversion which he believes to be more than plausible will have the first consequence on the institutional level, “ either the extension of the mandates of regional councilors, or the election of new regional councilors by municipal councilors without an elective mandate “. Such a scenario would tainthe says, the legitimacy of these institutions which, therefore, would be undemocratic “.

On the political level, holding the presidential election, before the municipal and legislative elections, would be “ the concrete translation of panic » who would have won the ranks of the ruling party, asserts Maurice Kamto. A party which for him is in “ the impasse […] tattered » and owes its salvation only to the maintenance in all eternity of its president at the top of the State. Maurice Kamto even suggests that those who still today promote the candidacy of Paul Biya for 2025 be prosecuted “ for elder abuse “.

A statement without pretense or artifice which has not yet elicited an official reaction from CPDM officials but which is nevertheless widely commented on on social networks. Some welcome a timely exit and others evoke the panic which would rather be installed in the ranks of the MRC which, having boycotted the municipal and legislative elections of 2020, does not have any elected officials. A situation which could compromise the candidacy of its leader in the next presidential election.

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