the opposition denounces an Assembly in the colors of the presidential camp

the opposition denounces an Assembly in the colors of the

In Djibouti, the new National Assembly is taking place. After the vote on February 24, the UMP presidential majority confirms its almost total control. The camp of President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, known as “IOG”, recorded a landslide victory with 58 deputies elected out of 65. On March 5, the new President of the Assembly was elected. Dileita Mohamed Dileita is a former Prime Minister and diplomat. Opponents are skeptical and see maneuvers for the 2026 presidential election.

For some of the opponents, the new Djiboutian assembly still has only one color: that of the majority. The former Prime Minister, Dileita Mohamed Dileita, took over as head of the institution. Abdourahman Mohamed Guelleh knows him well. The leader of the RADDE party (Rally for Action, Democracy and Ecological Development), which had boycotted the election, thinks that the system is perpetuated:

I keep his human, friendly side. He is a very seasoned diplomat, a very shrewd politician. On the other hand, at the political level, he will not be able to do anything. Everything is dictated by Ismail Omar Guelleh who locked everything up. His arrival at the head of the assembly brings nothing in political terms. »

Several opponents even reputed to be close to the government could not compete, because of procedural problems or too high registration fees. Only the UDJ party (Union for Democracy and Justice) was able to snatch seven seats. For the opponent Aden Mohamed Abdou, of the ARD (Republican Alliance for Development), we are witnessing a tightening around President Guelleh:

He is one of the loyal followers of the president. Today, in power, things are not going the way they used to. He clings to his closest circle. He wanted an assembly much to his boot than the former. He may want to change the Constitution again. For this, he needs the faithful who can work with him on this file. »

The Constitution limits the age of the Head of State to 75 years. However, “IOG” will have 78 in the 2026 elections. For the opposition, the President of the Republic is indeed seeking to preparing for a sixth term.