the opponent Jaynet Kabila heard by military intelligence

the opponent Jaynet Kabila heard by military intelligence

Congolese opponent Jaynet Kabila, twin sister of former President Joseph Kabila, was interviewed on Friday March 15 by the military intelligence service. He had just searched the premises of his foundation bearing the name of his father, former president Laurent-Desiré Kabila, assassinated in 2001. If Jaynet Kabila was summoned for the search of his offices, the hearing focused on more political subjects.

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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

Jaynet Kabila, former president of the National Assembly’s defense and security committee, made no statement to the press after her hearing which lasted five hours. According to several sources close to the matter, the opponent and former MP was alone in front of a military intelligence general. He was refused any presence of lawyers during this session.

Still according to our sources, the army intelligence service questioned the opponent about the movements of her family members, discreet meetings held at the foundation’s headquarters. The army also wanted to know if the former presidential camp is not linked to Corneille Nangaa. In December 2023, the former head of the electoral commission launched a political-military coalition of which the M23 rebel movement is part.

Investigators also tried to find out more about the businesses held in Kinshasa by the former presidential family, a warehouse of which was also searched by the military at the beginning of the week. According to Jaynet Kabila’s entourage, no military effects were found on the premises. At the foundation’s headquarters, the army left with the vehicle which had transported the remains of Laurent-Désiré Kabila.