the operation “warning shot” of the French fishermen has indeed taken place

the operation warning shot of the French fishermen has indeed

Blocking operations this Friday, November 26 of French fishermen. They mobilized on the coast of the Channel to obtain the fishing licenses that Paris still demand in London as part of the post-Brexit agreement. Several actions were carried out, on an ad hoc basis, and with limited disruption.

The fishermen in particular targeted connecting points between mainland Europe and the United Kingdom. Dozens of vans and cars sat for two hours in front of the entry and exit of the Eurotunnel heavy goods vehicles. Result: a traffic jam of more than a hundred trucks formed. So after 4 p.m. and the dam was lifted, additional trains were scheduled to absorb the traffic.

In Ouistreham, several trawlers prevented the departure of a ferry. And fishing vessels were deployed at midday to block the port of Calais, a major transit point between France and England. An action without big impact for which the president of the port will not lodge a complaint, especially as the fishermen are committed, he explains, not to attack the turnover of each other.

The demonstrators did not target only logistics platforms. In the morning, French boats prevented a counterpart from Jersey from entering the port of Saint-Malo. An hour-long action in a friendly atmosphere. It was this Friday to put a little pressure. Other actions could follow, if it does not have the desired effect.

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