“The only profession where insults are accepted”

The only profession where insults are accepted

Real Madrid’s Brazilian striker Vinicius Junior was the target of racist attacks in Sunday’s match. The boss of Spain’s football federation said the country has a problem with racism.

The football world is talking about the events of the match between Valencia and Real Madrid played on Sunday. Real’s Brazilian talent Vinicius Junior was the target of racist insults from Valencian fans in the La Liga match of the Spanish premier league.

The match was stopped for a while in the second half. In the end, a frustrated Vinicius Junior was sent off in second-half stoppage time as he took on Valencia Hugo Duron with.

Vinicius wrote on Twitter after the match that La Liga belongs to racists and that Brazil and Spain are known as racist countries.

BBC down (switching to another service)that Vinicious Junior had been the target of racist insults in no less than seven matches this season.

President of La Liga Javier Tebas scolded Vinicius Junior for not showing up after the match for a meeting to discuss what can be done in cases of racism.

– Before criticizing and slandering La Liga, you must introduce yourself properly, Tebas reacted.

BBC expert Micah Richards was dismayed by the La Liga boss’ statements.

– Javier has tried to make himself a victim in all this. It’s really embarrassing what he’s said in his statement, Richards comment (you will switch to another service).

– It makes my blood boil and that’s part of the problem. This is not just a football problem, it is a life that people go through every day.

The player legend liked it

Real Madrid has reported the incident to the Spanish prosecutor as a hate crime. Spanish prosecutors will decide how to proceed with the criminal investigation.

According to news agencies, several people have already been arrested in connection with the case.

Tebas said that La Liga has done everything to eradicate racism.

The boss of the Spanish Football Association Luis Rubiales is on different lines (you switch to another service).

– The first thing to do is admit that we have a problem in this country. It is a serious problem that affects an entire team, fan base and club.

Many of the sports stars like Kylian Mbappe, Rio Ferdinand and Lewis Hamilton have shown their support for Vinicius Junior.

On Monday took a stand (you switch to another service)player legend and current head coach of FC Barcelona Xavi.

– This is the only profession where insults are accepted. I don’t think any baker or teacher would be insulted in the workplace.

– All this has to end.

In Xavi’s opinion, the match should have been stopped completely.

– It doesn’t matter what shirt you wear. Vinicius is a person before he is a footballer. We have to defend the footballers. I don’t understand as a person that you have to put up with insults.

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