the Olympic Aquatic Center, a jewel that will benefit the inhabitants of Saint-Denis

the Olympic Aquatic Center a jewel that will benefit the

Less than four months before the Olympic Games, the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron inaugurated this Thursday, April 4, one of the emblematic locations of these Olympic Games: the Olympic Aquatic Center, located in Saint-Denis, in the northern suburbs of Paris.

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It is a true architectural gem, installed on an area of ​​two hectares, the equivalent of three football fields. It had to be decontaminated because it was a former gas and electricity supplier site. Its shape resembles an enormous liner, ready to set sail. The inverted vault of the roof also recalls an immense stretched sail. It is entirely lined with photovoltaic panels, which makes this building one of the largest urban solar farms in France, which will reduce the building’s energy consumption by 30%.

The majority of the structure, all made of wood, also contributes to energy efficiency, reducing part of CO2 emissions. Not forgetting the seats made with recycled materials.

“The children will be able to learn and practice swimming”

In this aquatic pool the qualifying events for water polo, synchronized swimming and diving will take place.

This is perhaps not much for such equipment. The problem is that the capacity is only 5,000 spectators. Too little, for the International Federation which imposes a minimum of 15,000 places for world-level swimming events.

In the end, it is therefore in Nanterre, at the Paris-La Défense-Arena, that the flagship swimming-racing events will take place.

The Olympic aquatic center of Saint-Denis is one of the facilities built for the Olympic Games and which will remain a sporting heritage for the inhabitants. Because the Seine Saint Denis department is the most disadvantaged in terms of infrastructure, particularly swimming pools.

The objective is therefore to give a boost. One in two children do not know how to swim when they enter sixth grade. “ Here in Saint-Denis, there are no swimming pools for the 100,000 inhabitants. Thanks to this aquatic center, families and children will be able to learn and practice swimming », Underlines the mayor of Dugny in 93, Quentin Gesell.

This center is not intended to remain as it is; ultimately, it will be transformed into a multi-sport site with a fitness area, a climbing area, paddle tennis, and team sports fields. The keys are handed over on time, even a few days ahead of the initial specifications. The total budget amounts to 188 million euros. It includes the cost of the aquatic center and the footbridge which crosses the A1 motorway which connects the building to the Stade de France. The State is the main financier of this Olympic basin to the tune of 82 million euros.