The official name of Google’s next smartwatch has been revealed

The official name of Googles next smartwatch has been revealed

A report a few days ago, Google‘s Pixel 8 series smartphones, as well as the next generation Pixel smartwatch will launch. However, the name of the product was not mentioned in the report.

The official name of Google’s new smartwatch, according to a very solid source Pixel Watch 2 will be. The name of the wearable appears to be compatible with Pixel smartphones.

In other Google hardware product names, such as the Nest series, “Gene” uses. The regular numbering format feels so much better because it’s simple and easy to understand for most people.

Apart from that, nothing is known about this soon-to-be watch other than its name. This is extremely strange considering that Google devices are known for their detailed leaks months before their official announcement.

For the past few years, Google has been officially promoting the design of upcoming hardware products at its annual Google I/O developer conference. Therefore, we would not be surprised if the design of the Pixel Watch 2 is unveiled tomorrow at the 2023 edition of Google I/O alongside the Pixel 8 series.