The nurses in Ludvika municipality can earn 80,000 extra

The municipal care is difficult to staff this summer.
That is why Ludvika municipality is now offering several thousand kroner extra to assistant nurses and substitutes.

– We are introducing this to attract, to make it go together with staffing, says Carina Gullemo, head of administration at health and care, to Nya Ludvika Tidning.

The problem occurs more or less every summer around the country. Municipal health care is difficult to staff when regular staff go on vacation.

Now the municipality of Ludvika is attracting several thousand extra in the wallet to both temporary and permanent assistant nurses in care, writes New Ludvika Newspaper.

– We need around 500 substitutes. So far, we have not received a large number of applicants. Maybe there are 250, 300 who applied and then it is not certain that all are suitable, says Carina Gullemo, head of administration at care and social care, to the newspaper.

Can earn 9,000 – without formal training

The substitute assistant nurses can earn SEK 9,000 extra – regardless of whether the people have a formal education or not. There, the condition is that the person working must work eight weeks straight and have a maximum of two days’ absence during the period. Then it must be due to illness or vab.

After the offer of the extra thousand Swedish kroner to substitutes, Carina Gullemo and the committee’s chairperson Åsa Bergkvist (S) hope that it will work out.

– In the worst case, you have to make sure that the staff cover for each other or distribute the vacations in another way. It has happened that we have ordered staff who do not have holidays into overtime. However, so far it has not happened that we have ordered staff in from vacation, even though we have the right to do so, they say.

SEK 80,000 extra in one month

For the full-time assistant nurses, there is also money to be made if you can be flexible. If the person works in central Ludvika and can imagine moving to an outer area, the bonus can be an extra SEK 20,000 a week. In addition to the usual salary, a nurse can therefore earn an extra SEK 80,000 during a month.

Both Åsa Bergkvist and Carina Gullemo say, however, that this can create jealousy among those who already work in the outer areas of the municipality – because they cannot take part in the bonus.

– It is often difficult to get substitutes to the outer areas because you do not have a driver’s license or you have a driver’s license but no car. We introduce this to attract, to make it go together with staffing, they state.