The nude shock in Mästarnas Mästare – now SVT shows the censored image that TV viewers were not allowed to see at all

This year’s season of the Champions of Champions in SVT has been praised.
And we have seen fantastic duels between the participants.
But now SVT reveals the nude shock that all TV viewers missed.

SVT is in full swing with the sixteenth season of the acclaimed competition program “Champions of Champions”. So far, the new season has been very much appreciated by the TV viewers and has offered great entertainment for the Swedish people at home on the sofas.

the master of masters

The competition among the participants is fierce and with recognized winner’s skulls such as Sebastian Larsson, Joel Lundqvist, Tony Rickardsson and Anja Pärson so we have seen extremely tough competitions so far. But alongside the physically demanding competitions, the contestants have spoken warmly of the good atmosphere that prevails in the house.

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Emma Johansson in shock during the Master of Masters. PHOTO: SVT

The participants have really found each other in an admirable way and they live close to each other during the filming weeks in Catalonia, Spain. So far we have seen the handball legend Johanna Ahlm and the floorball icon Anna Wijk leave the TV show and there will be more before we reach the finale in a few weeks.

“The Naked Shock”

In the upcoming episode on Sunday evening, we will see how the participants get buried in the sand during the competition branch “position/reaction”. But now the naked shock is also revealed, which the TV viewers are not allowed to see at all in SVT, see for yourself below.

The article continues after the picture.

Emma Johansson and Sebastian Larsson are buried in the Master of Masters. PHOTO: SVT

The master of masters has published the censored picture from the beach that reveals what is really going on, see the picture below.
“The nude shock – a completely ordinary day behind the scenes,” writes SVT on Instagram together with the unexpected picture from the beach in Spain.

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See the picture:

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