The Nothing Phone(1) is at its best price with this promo

The Nothing Phone1 is at its best price with this

NOTHING PHONE(1). Can’t find the Phone(1) in store? It’s normal, we explain why and where to find Nothing’s phone at the best price.

Released a few months ago, the Nothing Phone (1) is currently experiencing one of its best promotions since its launch. The first telephone of the young brand currently has a great offer on the Aliexpress site. It is possible to reduce the price of the phone from €469 to €378 by using two reduction coupons: SDXFR10 and a coupon integrated into the site and to be checked. A nice little promotion for this Nothing Phone (1) that our editorial team has tested and approved!

Where to order the Phone(1) from Nothing?

The Phone (1) is available for purchase from a single store in Europe: Amazon. The e-commerce giant offers the Nothing phone alone or with the brand’s Ear (1) wireless headphones. Regarding the versions of the Phone (1), you have the choice between two colors (white or black) and three storage/RAM versions according to your preferences and needs.

What are the characteristics of the Phone (1) from Nothing?

The first thing you notice about the design of the Phone (1) is that the back of the device is transparent. However, this information had already been revealed several months ago by the firm, which simply uses the transparent design of its first product, the Ear headphones (1).

This transparency of the Phone (1) is not anecdotal. It displays an LED system called Glyph, fully customizable, for your notifications. Like a phone flash that lights up when you receive a call, the LEDs of the Phone (1) can react to your various notifications according to your needs and desires. It will also be possible to replace the phone flash using the Glyph system to light up your scenes.

The back of the Phone(1) is transparent to reveal an LED system. © Nothing Inc.

The other great information of the transparent design of the Phone (1) reveals an induction charging system. This technology, usually present on top-of-the-range telephones, will be available on the Phone (1) and will make it possible to recharge the telephone without a cable.

The Phone (1) is also available in two different colors when it was officially released: white and black. Each version will always have a transparent back as the visual identity of the firm Nothing seems to require.

The Phone (1) is equipped with two photo sensors

The back of the Phone (1) also reveals two 50 MP photo sensors. During the presentation of the phone, it was clarified in particular that the firm preferred to have only two very good photo sensors rather than multiplying the cameras with functions deemed useless such as a macro lens. Doing little, but doing it better therefore seems to be the company’s credo regarding the specifics of its Phone (1).

Wireless charging for the Phone (1)

One of the first details that jumps out when looking at the Phone (1) is its strange components visible on the back of the phone. The central block that can be seen on the back of the Phone (1) confirms that the phone is compatible with wireless charging. A technology that is very rare for a mid-range device, and which therefore confirms Nothing’s desire to break industry codes.

The Phone(1) is also available in black © Nothing

A design that stands out from the competition

In a field populated by uninspired designs, the Phone (1) seems to want to stand out by playing the card of transparency. The back of the Phone (1) notably reveals several LED lights. Called Glyph, this set allows the phone to deliver different sets of lights when you receive notifications like a message or a call. The company considers that many consumers leave their phone on the front screen, and that this system will therefore still have its notifications.

A mid-range processor for the Phone (1)

The Phone (1) features a mid-range Snapdragon 778G+ processor designed specifically for the phone. This chip also allows the Phone (1) to be compatible with 5G communication bands and to launch the majority of games available on the market in good quality. There remains the question of the lifespan, since the Snapdragon 778G+ is not a last generation processor.

An in-house software overlay: Nothing OS

Nothing’s Phone (1) runs on Android 12. No surprise so far, but Carl Pei, founder of the firm, also revealed that thee Phone (1) has an in-house overlay called “Nothing OS”. This in-house operating system is defined as open and homogeneous in order to seamlessly connect and integrate devices from other brands with ease. Nothing’s CEO cited Tesla cars and AirPods Pro headphones, among others. Nothing is therefore a serious competitor to Apple, known in particular for its powerful ecosystem capable of connecting its various products with disconcerting ease.

Nothing also claimed that its operating system for the Phone (1) will have 40% fewer pre-installed applications. This software, commonly called “bloatware”, is often little desired by consumers and more the result of partnerships made between the manufacturers and developers of the said applications.

First Looks at Phone(1) and NothingOS © Nothing

What is the release date for Nothing’s Phone (1)?

The Phone (1) was officially presented on Tuesday July 12. The Nothing brand held a special conference, its first Keynote, to present the highly anticipated phone. This conference confirmed that the Phone (1) has been available since July 21, 2022. In France, the phone is only available through Amazon’s online platform. So you won’t be able to come across the Phone (1) in store!

At what price is the Phone(1) of Nothing marketed?

It was necessary to wait for the special conference of Nothing to discover the selling prices of the Phone (1). The latter is positioned on the mid-range telephone market, but with some additional performance compared to the devices that are generally found in this segment. Phone prices (1) in Europe are:

  • Phone (1) 8 + 128 GB: €469.99.
  • Phone (1) 8 + 256 GB: €499.99.
  • Phone (1) 12 + 256 GB: €549.99.

What is Nothing?

If the name of Nothing means nothing to you, it may be normal. The company of Carl Pei (former founder of One Plus) is quite young, and has to its credit only one product launched in 2021: Ear headphones (1). Although it is a small success, the firm would like to point out that it is not a company specializing in audio products only.

Founded in 2020 by several big names in tech (including Kevin Lin and Steve Huffman, co-founders of Twitch and Reddit respectively), Nothing is launched thanks to an investment fund of up to $7 million. The company then continues its innovative momentum by promising to “break down the barriers between humans and technology”. In 2021, Nothing notably raised a million dollars in less than a minute thanks to an impressive community fundraising.

It will therefore be necessary to prepare to see more products from the Nothing brand in the more or less near future. The firm’s main objective is to offer devices close to their users and to create a hyperconnected and very intuitive ecosystem, while remaining respectful of the environment.