The Norwegian women’s champion took Swedish help

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

Lina Korsgren’s career

+ Three victories in the Vasaloppet (2018, 2020, 2021)

+ Holds the record time in the Vasaloppet for women: 3.52:08

+ Won the 2021 Ski Classics overall.

+ Together with her husband Gustaf Korsgren, she created the team Team Ramudden, where she is now the coach.

When 30-year-old Emilie Fleten wanted to develop as a cross-country skier, she looked towards Sweden and got in touch with Lina Korsgren. A long-distance profile, who among other things has won three Vasalopps and is now manager of Team Ramuden.

— There are not many people in Norway who have a similar background and current role as Lina Korsgren. In Norway, I think it’s perfectly okay that I turned to a Swede for help now that I’ve won, says Emilie Fleten and taxes.

Norway’s Emilie Fleten finishes as winner in Vasaloppet’s women’s class. Swedish Lina Korsgren helped her become a winner Nothing stopped Fleten

Their collaboration began last summer. Emilie Fleten has since lined up good positions in Ski Classics, but has not won a race, until now.

This Sunday, there was nothing that could stop Fleten, who won even though she both fell and vomited during the race.

After the victory, she paid tribute to Lina Korsgren, her sounding board in the venture:

— She means a lot and gives me both motivation and security that we will manage this together. For me, this victory is a mental barrier, knowing that you can win. We have only started our collaboration, says Emilie Fleten.

Touched Korsgren

Lina Korsgren was both moved and happy and quickly looked forward to future collaboration:

— I know that she looks up to me very much and we have made a good arrangement. We learn from each other. I also learn from her as a leader.

Lina Korsgren continues to talk about Emilie Fleten’s future possibilities:

— She can do better in both sprints and jerks. Now she has this victory that gives her peace of mind in the future. Now she will get a good training after this season.

TT: Compare the feeling of seeing her win with your three victories in the Vasaloppet.

— It feels like my fourth victory, answered Lina Korsgren.