The Nordic Museum has 8,000 Sami objects – which no one knows how to return

The Nordic Museum states in a new report that it is complicated with a broad return of Sami objects.

– We know that the Sami think that the objects should be returned to Sápmi. But today there is no real plan how to bring back this large collection that we have, for which museum will receive it and where the money will come from. You need to have a ready plan, says Fredrik Svanberg.

In the report, it is written that a first step could be that loaned objects could be transferred to Sami and local museums.

– We think that it might be a way to start, we currently have loans to Ájtte, the Silver Museum and the Forest and Sami Museum in Lycksele, says Svanberg.

Marit Baer, ​​curator of Sami objects, says that there are 8,000 objects at the Nordic Museum.

– Ever since the museum started, they have collected Sami objects and they are very different, a lot of household items, textiles and other things. The largest part of the collection comes from the Swedish side of Sápmi, she says.