The Night Agent Season 2: First picture from the Netflix set already shows a decisive change

The Night Agent Season 2 First picture from the Netflix

The sequel to one of the biggest series hits of 2023 is in full swing. The Night Agent kicked off the filming of the second season with a first set picture. Gabriel Basso is the burden of watching the new episodes. Because the Netflix hit is under a lot of pressure and will change fundamentally in the future.

There are big changes behind the first season 2 image of The Night Agent

The Night Agent season 1 revolved around low-ranking FBI employee Peter Sutherland (Basso), who is drawn into a murderous conspiracy by elite agents like Rose (Luciane Buchanan). In season 2 he is now part of the squad of top spies and goes on his own missions. Outside the US, apparently, as the first picture from the season 2 set on Twitter suggests.

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All you can see is Basso, who is holding a clapperboard into the camera. The season 1 filming location of Washington DC has apparently given way to a new setting. As Deadline reports, season 2 will be released primarily filmed in New York City and Thailand. The series will also return to Washington in the new episodes.

According to Netflix evaluations, The Night Agent was the streaming service’s most popular series in 2023. According to deadline analysis
The success resulted in several major changes

  • These are the new The Night Agent stars in season 2 of the Netflix hit
  • On the one hand, Netflix has apparently increased the budget of the series so much that now international locations such as Thailand can be used can. Many fans will be happy about the change.

    On the other hand, the creators of the series are also taking a certain risk: in season 1 they were able to rely on the book of the same name by Matthew Quirk, but there is no follow-up novel. The The story of season 2 was written specifically for the series. Can it hold a candle to the first episodes?

    When is The Night Agent season 2 coming to Netflix?

    Another challenge is the tight schedule for season 2 of the Netflix hit. The streaming service still wants all ten new episodes 2024 release, which won’t be easy due to the complex action scenes, international filming locations and the dubbing work for various target countries. There is no exact start date yet.

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