The Night Agent Season 2 doesn’t bring all the characters back – when and how will Netflix’ action hit continue?

The Night Agent Season 2 doesnt bring all the characters

You’ve finished The Night Agent and want to know when it will continue? We answer all questions about a possible renewal and what we already know about Season 2.

When is The Night Agent Season 2 coming to Netflix?

So far, The Night Agent not yet officially renewed for a second season. Netflix usually announces about four weeks after the release of a season whether the series will be renewed. The Night Agent launched on March 23, 2023, so hopefully we’ll hear about an extension in mid-April.

The Night Agent stubbornly stayed at #1 on the Netflix charts for the first few days after release, what a good sign is.


The Night Agent: Rose and Peter

Should The Night Agent be renewed, we can expect season 2 in a year at the earliest. At Netflix’s current production and release pace, that would be a start in the second half of 2024 probably.

Storyline: This is how it can continue after the end of The Night Agent in season 2

Danger, from here there is massive spoilers for season 1 by The Night Agent. Only read on if you’ve already finished watching. We explain:

  • What happens at the end of Season 1?
  • What is Season 2 about?
  • What are the showrunner’s plans?
  • Which characters are returning?
  • At the end of Season 1 The Night Agent on Netflix becomes Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso) as the eponymous Night Agent. He saves the US President from the Vice President’s bomb attack, learns the truth about his father and gets his first assignment as a night agent. Now he’s on the other line of the phone he was guarding at the beginning of Season 1.

    The President of the United States reveals to Peter at the end of Season 1:

    The night action program goes deeper than you think and can imagine. It spans continents.

    In a possible 2nd season Peter Sutherland is likely to solve a case as a night agent. Similar to Season 1, only this time with a fancy job title of US Presidential authority.

    Since Season 1 of The Night Agent is based on the book of the same name by Matthew Quirk *, Season 2 is literally a blank slate. But showrunner Shawn Ryan already knows how he wants to continue his series.


    The Night Agent: Farewell to Rose and Peter at the end of Season 1

    As the showrunner of the hit action series The Shield and SWAT, Ryan brings a wealth of experience to the table. For concrete details on The Night Agent Season 2, he wants to wait for the extension. But he reveals his to Deadline overarching plans for the entire serieswhich also reveal a bit about Season 2:

    The original pitch for Netflix was that each season tells its own, mostly self-contained story with a beginning, middle and end. This is good news as we at The Night Agent never get stuck on a big cliffhanger. But it also means that not all beloved characters will be carried over to the next season. Cast: Who is returning for The Night Agent Season 2?

    Showrunner Shawn Ryan has no doubt that Gabriel Basso will return as Peter Sutherland. But that doesn’t apply to the entire cast:

    In each subsequent season, only a few and not all characters of the previous season to be there.

    Season 2 could shed all the characters that aren’t directly related to Peter. Few characters are so closely tied to Peter’s work or personal life that they become qualify for a definitive return:

  • his superior, President Travers (Kari Matchett).
  • His girlfriend, Rose Larkin
    (Luciane Buchanan) who wants to give her tech company a second chance in California.
  • As the President’s new Secret Service agent, Chelsea Arrington (Fola Evans-Akingbola) could also be organically woven into Season 2.

    All other important figures were either killed or arrested. It remains exciting whether the escaped villain Gordon Wick (Ben Cotton) will be discussed again. Showrunner Shawn Ryan wants to clarify this and more with his team as soon as The Night Agent is renewed.

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